Fast Food

Get a quick drink or grab a bite at one of Hartwall Arena’s 17 fast food kiosks. Located throughout the arena, you’ll find everything from hot dogs to popcorn to ice-cold soft drinks. And with so many varieties and locations to choose from, you can be sure you’ll make it to your seat in time to take in all the action.

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You’ll find 17 Restel fast food kiosks around Hartwall Arena, serving American-style hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, sandwiches and so much more. If you’re hosting guests, make a great time even better with pre-order drink and food vouchers. Or pre-order snacks to be served at intermission during an event. Our sales team will be happy to help you with anything you may need.

You’ll find all your favourites at Hartwall Arena: Hesburger (3 kiosks), Pizza Hut (3 kiosks) and Bambu. There’s something for everyone in the halls of Hartwall Arena.  


Hesburger serves some of Helsinki’s best hamburgers – always fast and always with a friendly smile. You’ll find us next to section 303 on the upper level and sections 103 and 113 on the lower level.

Our Smoothie - bar, where you can enjoy fresh smoothies and fruities made out of real fruits and berries, is located at the upper level between sections 301 and 302.

For more information, email, call Tiia-Linda Karhu at +358 44 480 92 33, or click

Pizza Hut

You’ll find our world-famous deep-dish pizzas at three Pizza Hut kiosks. And you can wash your pizza down with ice-cold beer, cider, soft drinks and more.

Pizza Hut is located on the lower level by sections 104 and 107, as well as on the upper level by section 314.

For more information, email, call Mark Aldea at +35451868607 (, or click

Restaraunts phone number - +358104705406

Street Food Deli

Are you ready to eat? Street Food Deli has taken over the streets of Hartwal Arena. Street Food Deli is a completely new restaurant concept with several restaurants on both floors. The restaurants exude honest attitude, elegance and genuine street-food-feel. The bases of the recipies are above all street-food-inspired simplicity, memorableness and high quality food material. 

Street Food Deli´s kitchen serves food varying from delicious ribs and chicken wings to fresh salads, so every one will surely find their own favourite dish. 

The selection of the Street Food Deli dishes varies by the places of sales and by the events of Hartwall Arena. In addision Drincks & Snacks serve lemonade, alcohol and snacks for the thirstiest customers.

Further information:
Sari Salminen
Hartwall Arena Restaurants, Restaurant Manager
Restel Event Restaurants
+358 40 5349994,

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