Register description

Register description in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999), section 10


Helsinki Halli Oy (VAT ID FI10162353)
Areenankuja 1, FI-00240 Helsinki, FINLAND
Tel. +358 204 19 97

c/o Helsinki Halli Oy (VAT ID FI10162353)
Areenankuja 1, FI-00240 Helsinki, FINLAND
Tel. +358 204 19 97

Name of register

Helsinki Halli Oy Register

Purpose of register

Personal data are used for direct mail, remote sales or other direct marketing, opinion or market studies or other addressable deliveries similar to these.

Grounds for maintaining register

Personal Data Act, section 19.

Information included in register

Information respective to the following categories can be handled in the Register:

postal address
email address
telephone numbers
title or profession
information concerning registered tasks and position in business life or in a public position
information on marketing permits and prohibitions
information regarding requested contact
revision to the data mentioned above
Other ID concerning one registrant 

Personal data is collected from the registrant personally as well as during his/her registration period for the use of Helsinki Halli Oy’s services or to participate in Helsinki Halli Oy’s marketing draws or contests. Personal data can be collected and updated also from the population information system, commercial register, generally accessible Internet sources, and other possible public sources. As a rule, the address sources are specified if they are other than those mentioned first.

Transfer of data

Helsinki Halli Oy may transfer personal data within the limits and obligation of the valid legislation if the registrant has not prohibited the transfer of this data. Due to the technical implementation of information processing, some of the data may be physically located on the servers or equipment of external subcontractors. These are handled by means of a technical connection. Personal data are not transferred outside the European Union or European Economic Area unless necessary for the technical realization of the service.

Protection of register

The information is gathered into databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. The databases and their backup copies are situated in locked and guarded facilities and only certain appointed individuals are allowed to access the data.

Right of inspection, prohibition and rectification

The registrant has the right in accordance with the Personal Data Act, section 26, to inspect whatever information is stored concerning him/her is on the personal data register. The inspection request should be delivered in writing and signed to the following address:

Helsinki Halli Oy
Areenankuja 1, FI-00240 Helsinki, FINLAND
Tel. +358 204 19 97

An inspection request may also be personally presented at the above-mentioned address.

The registrant has the right to prohibit the use of data for direct mail, remote sales or other direct marketing as well as for opinion or marketing research, and also has the right to demand the rectification of incorrect information by reporting the same to Helsinki Halli Oy by telephone, tel. +358 204 19 97; by post to Helsinki Halli Oy, Areenankuja 1, FI-00240 Helsinki, FINLAND, or by email to: info[at]