Frequently Asked Questions

How long do events or concerts last / when do they finish?

All information regarding events and concerts can be found under Upcoming Events. The duration of an event can vary, due to intermission and/or starting delays. Remember to check your ticket for starting times.

How do I get to Hartwall Arena?

Hartwall Arena is easily accessible with public transportation. By train, it is just a short 7-minute walk from the Pasila train station. Trams 7A and B stop in front of the Helsinki Fair Centre, and from there it is a 5-minute walk to the arena. Bus lines 23, 58, 59, 69 and 506 also stop nearby.

See also Directions & Maps.

Our address is Areenankuja 1 and you can check the timetables at HSL or from the Journey Planner.

If you arrive by car, there are several parking possibilities. For further information, see Parking.

How do I get tickets to events at Hartwall Arena?

Tickets for all events can be purchased from any Ticketmaster ticket service outlet or from the online service To access the Ticketmaster online service via our homepage, go to Upcoming Events.

There is a Ticketmaster service point inside the arena and it opens 2 hours prior to event time and an ice hockey face-off. See Ticket Sales.

You’ll find the outpinned locations at Arena Maps.

Is there a parking facility / how much does it cost?

See Parking.

Further information about parking: info(at)

Can I use a bank debit card / credit card to pay for parking?

Payments for both metered and event parking with debit card or cash.

What is the height of the parking structure?

The parking hall is max 2 meters (6.56 feet) high.

Can I reserve a table for an event / and how?

Table reservations are recommended, as space is limited. To make a reservation, contact Restel: +358 20 419 4101.

What is the temperature of the arena during a concert?

Floor seating is generally cooler at 20 degrees (68F) / first level 21 degrees (70F) / third level 23 degrees (73F). During ice hockey matches, the temperature hovers at 17 degrees (63F) on the lower level / 19 degrees (66F) on the upper level. We suggest you wear a jacket during all ice hockey matches!

Is there a coat check during events?

There are self-service coat checks in all restaurants except for Golden Star Café and Platinum restaurant. Hartwall Arena does provide a temporary coat check area during concerts, but not during ice hockey or family events. When there is a coat check, the fee is 3 €.

What can I bring/not bring to the Arena during an event?

You can bring with you umbrellas, suitcases (no size restrictions), exchange shoes etc. and they can be left in the coat check area. If you have a stroller with you, please ask the lobby personnel where you can store it during the event. We have a pram parking lot in your service during events intended for the whole family.

Please leave your own food and drinks at home; a wide variety of restaurants serves you here at the arena.

If you still have any further questions, please send them to: info(at)

Is there an ATM at the arena?

There are no ATMs inside Hartwall Arena. The nearest ATM can be found in the Pasila train station.

Does the arena take bank debit cards / credit cards?

You can pay with a bank debit card or credit card at all restaurants and merchandise points. Unfortunately Diners or Amex -cards are not accepted. Please note, you cannot overdraw money. The following Restel arena restaurants take Visa-Electron: Golden Star Café, Silver Star Café and Platinum restaurant.

Is there an age limit for the events on the arena?

The event organizer defines the age limit to their events on Hartwall Arena. The event is suitable for all ages if no age limit is specifically mentioned. However, adult discretion is advised when it comes to bringing you child to loud concerts or events during late evenings.
Some events on the arena has age limits (mostly K-18), but this is something that the event organizer always informs separately.

When will my favorite band play Hartwall Arena?

We hope soon! We try our best to bring top acts and events to Hartwall Arena. Always check our Upcoming Events page for updates to the event schedule. Like us on Facebook and you’ll also find our confirmed events there.

If I'm scared of heights, will I dread sitting in the upper balcony?

The upper balcony bleachers sit 21 meters (69 feet) above the arena floor level. We suggest you take this into account when booking tickets.

Can I use a camera during performances at Hartwall Arena?

Use of amateur photography is forbidden. Press photography can be arranged in advance through the event organizer.

Are there diaper-changing facilities in any of the toilets?

There are diaper-changing facilities on the Skybox levels, as well as in the first floor women's rooms. Doors are marked accordingly!

Where can I inquire and pick up property I've lost at the Arena?

Suomen löytötavarapiste  - Lost Property Office takes care of the lost & found items at the Arena.
Lost property that is found at the Arena gets picked up every Wednesday and is transported to: 

Suomen löytötavarapiste - Lost Property Office, Narinkka 3 (Kamppi), 00110 Helsinki.
Inquiries by telephone: 0600 04401 (1,67 € / min + date)

Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Sat 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sun 12 noon - 6 p.m.

Arriving to Hartwall Arena by wheelchair

We have special parking spaces for disabled persons in our indoor garage right next to the elevator and the ramp to the P4 floor, which leads out to the first floor. The arena’s main entrance on the first floor is located right in the vicinity of this elevator.

The taxi left-off place is right in front of the third floor’s main entrance. Inside the entrance, on the left, you’ll find an A-elevator that takes you to the first floor. The seats for disabled persons are located on the first floor between the sections 112-116.