Take it all in from the best seats in the house

Hartwall Arena’s skyboxes offer everything you need to host an event to remember. Entertain clients, reward employees with an exciting night out or have fun with friends, all from the best seats in the house.


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Renting a skybox during one of our world-class concerts or hockey games is always a crowd-pleaser, but you can also host a meeting or party in an Arena skybox at other times. Hartwall Arena skyboxes are also great venues for private parties like birthdays, bachelor parties or game nights. Raise a glass, enjoy great food, and cap the night off with a hot sauna.

Turn your next event into a true celebration and reserve your skybox today. Have a look at our event calendar and choose the concert, game or date that’s right for you. Get in touch with our sales team so we can get this party started right.

Get in touch with our sales team at aitio(at) and the best seats in the house are yours.

NEW! - Now you can also brand one of our skyboxes with your company's look! Further information: +358 20 419 4076 or email aitio(at)

About Hartwall Arena’s skyboxes

Our skyboxes can accommodate between 10 and 70 guests. Skyboxes on the second and fourth floors are equipped with private restrooms (on the fifth floor, the restroom is located in the hallway), a coat rack, TV, a flip board/markers and a projection screen. In skyboxes equipped with saunas, towels are included in the rental fee.

Skyboxes 201, 270, 407a, 407b and 408 are located behind the stage during concerts in cases when the stage is at the southern end of the arena. The prices here are starting prices, and a VAT tax of 24% will be added.

Skybox services

For reservations and more information on all of our skyboxes, please contact our Skybox service team.

Open weekdays between 9.00 – 16.00

Tel. +358 20 419 4076

Email: aitio(at)

Skybox Catering

Restaurant and catering services are provided by Restel Restaurants.

For further information regarding menus and catering options, please contact the Restel Restaurants sales team.

Tel: +358 20 419 4101

E-mail: ravintolat.hartwallarena(at)

Skybox tickets

Please note that on event days, skybox guests will need to purchase any lowest price category entrance ticket.

Tickets can be bought from the Skybox reception desk on event days or ordered in advance from the Skybox services team.

If you have any comments or feedback, please email us at aitio(at)

Skybox locations

Hartwall Arena location

Skybox Locations

Skybox Facilities

Amenities include a private restroom, a coat rack, a TV, a flip board and projection screen.

Towels are included in the rental price of sauna skyboxes.

Skybox reservations and additional information

Skybox Reception, tel: +358 20 419 4076, or E-mail: aitio(at)

Suite Entrance


Skybox 201

Follow a hockey game and enjoy the feeling at the Arena from a close range. The light skybox decorated in dark wooden nuances is a perfect fit for private parties!

Skybox 270

270 is a VIP skybox that features a private sauna with a window. The skybox is tastefully decorated in light colors. It’s the perfect place to host your most important clients or hold a company party.

Skybox 337

The light and bright skybox is a perfect place to enjoy an ice hockey game or a concert. The skybox is located in the north end of the arena, opposite the scene during concerts and behind the north goal during hockey games.

Skybox 407a

Skybox 407a is decorated in light wood tones. This stylish skybox is the perfect place to host small corporate functions and private parties.

Skybox 407b

Skybox 407b is a great place to host a dinner party or private party during events. This light and modern skybox is the perfect venue for any type of party.

Skybox 408

408 is a beautifully decorated skybox that features a private sauna, bar, sofa group and spacious viewing area.

Skybox 501

Skybox 501 has a light tone, is located on the 5th floor on the arena and suits perfectly for enjoying both concerts and ice-hockey games.

Skybox 502

Treat your guests to a concert, event, hockey game or private party from the highest skybox in the house.

Skybox 505

Treat your guests to a concert, event, hockey game or private party from the highest skybox in the house.